The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 1

You are walking up a long spiral staircase when you hear a commotion above you.

"That's Aganon to you, sir, NOT Aggie!" The huge silver dragon bellowed at an aged and bedraggled wizard who stood in the dragon's shadow. "Aganon Simpson Sildragon to be exact! Named by the lady of the castle when she was but 5 years of age!" The dragon was obviously upset with this rumpled looking man in a wizard's cloak, and the poor wizard's hat looked as if the dragon had singed the top of it just for spite.

"Look Simp, I'll explain again how this works." said the wizard in an impatient voice. The dragon sighed and dropped his chin upon his front feet looking bored and began drumming his claws on the stone ledge. The wizard continued, "You jump off the ledge here and I cast a magick spell on you in mid-air that floats you gently to the ground."

"I've seen the results of your spells, wizard," yawned the dragon, "and if you think for one moment that I am going to leap off this ledge and be plummeting toward the floor below while you try to remember some long forgotten spell of yours, then you're ..."

"Just humor me!" interrupted the wizard looking very impatient. "The lady is reopening the castle and I must practice my magick." "I cannot cast this spell on something that isn't falling, and I cannot cast it on an inanimate object, although looking at you ..."

"That's your last insult of the day!" cried the dragon and leapt off the ledge. You hold tight to the hand rail while a wind tries to knock you off the staircase and note that the dragon passed you very quickly. You gaze up and the wizard is just standing there watching the dragon fall.

"Do something!" you yell up to the wizard. "What's that?" he says, looking confused. "Oh, yes, the spell ..." and he began mumbling something in a language you had never heard before.

The dragon was still falling like a stone. A really really big stone. Nothing was stopping him. You cover your eyes and hang on tight thinking what a pity that the floor below had obviously already undergone renovation. The next thing you hear is the wizard mumbling again in that same far off sounding tongue and then you hear *Whump!* The very foundations of the deepest dungeons of the castle shook and the world around you went white.

"White?" you think to yourself. You, of course, don't know what color the inside of a dragon is, but white wasn't what you expected. You wait for a moment and then as the air starts to thin of the white substance and you can see again, you note that your clothes and everything around you are covered with what appear to be chicken feathers.

Below you is the largest pile of chicken feathers you could have ever imagined, maybe even larger, and poking up from the pile is the dragon's tail. It's twitching much as a cat's tail twitches right before it pounces on something. (This is probably not a good sign.)

From somewhere below you hear a lady's voice shouting, "Irwin!! Are you responsible for this mess??" "Yes, M'lady," mumbled the wizard, and then in a bit louder voice, "I'll see that it is properly cleaned M'lady." and with that he lept off the ledge upon which he stood. His wizard's robes billowed out around him and he clutched his pointed hat as he drifted slowly down.

As he passed you on the stairs, he tipped his hat, magickally producing a card which he handed to you as he passed. You read the card. It says:

I. M. A.
Irwin Mortimer Abradab

In very small print at the bottom it says "Irwin Mortimer Abradab" and you chuckle to yourself that his initials are "I. M. A."

Below you the wizard has disappeared into the pile of feathers and you hear the two old friends start up again with their arguing.

You decide to hang around for a bit and listen to these two interesting characters.

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