The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 2

"If you would but think for a moment when you work your magick," began Aganon the dragon, "you wouldn't find yourself in these predicaments!" Somewhere below the huge pile of chicken feathers you hear a mumbled response, "I know, I know!" and recognize it as the voice of Irwin the resident wizard.

"I know you know," Ag said with a sigh, "but after 732 years of listening to my lectures about proper programming of your own mind, you would think at least part of it would have sunk in somewhere! Are there ears under all that long white hair and beard?" chuckled the dragon.

The top of a singed looking pointed hat pokes up from the dwindling pile of feathers and begins to waggle. "Just let me get this mess cleaned up before m'lady has my head!" the wizard said with dismay.

"What are you doing with the feathers?" asked the great silver dragon who was slowly being uncovered. "I'm putting them in my pockets." said the wizard with a great deal of pride in his voice. "They are magick and so is my robe, so they will all fit nicely and then I can dispose of them properly."

"Why don't you just twitch your fingers or nose, or whatever it is you do, and send them back from whence they came?" asked Aganon, to which the now half visible Irwin replied, "I don't remember how."

The dragon sighed a very large sigh which ruffled the pile of feathers and sent some of them out of the main hall. Out of sight somewhere you hear the voice of the Lady of the Castle, "Irwin! Are you cleaning up the mess?" "Yes M'Lady!" he called, redoubling the speed at which he stuffed feathers into his pockets. "Well, be sure you don't store anything in the moat!" she called.

The dragon looked up, amused, and said, "The moat? Well there's a novel place to store feathers!" and he chuckled so hard the stairs began to shake. You lose your footing and fall off the narrow spiral stairs, plummeting toward the now visible stone floor of the great hall. Of course, you do what any sensible human would do in such a situation, you scream at the top of your lungs!

"Nice echo ..." said the dragon and then realized it wasn't Irwin screaming. Looking up at the last possible moment as you continue to fall, Aganon put out a huge clawed front foot and caught you. "Well, hello! Nice of you to drop in." He chuckled at his own bit of humor after you righted yourself in his hand. You timidly reply "Hello ... " and then quickly add, "Sir."

"Why on earth are you roaming around the Castle this time of day all by yourself?" Ag asked as he gently places you on the floor a few feet from the last of the feathers and the wizard, who apparently hadn't noticed anything at all about your rather abrupt descent from the stairs. "The door was open?" you try to answer while gazing into the clearly reptilian eyes of this enormous creature.

"It was probably the job of this fellow over here to lock it." said the dragon pointing a very sharp looking claw in the general direction of the wizard, who by now had picked up the last of the feathers and stuffed them all into his pockets. "What's that?" asks Irwin, just now noticing you.

"That," chuckled the dragon, "I believe, is another of your species." Aganon turned his huge head toward you and you felt the heat of his breath as he spoke. "You are another one of those pesky humans, correct?"

How do you answer that question when the dragon is, at your best guess from this angle, 100 times your size and seems to have a disdain for humankind. "Yes," you answer meekly, and then quickly add, "I'll be on my way now."

Having finally noticed you, the wizard remarks "I remember! I met you on the stairs. Wonderful company! Do stay and chat with us?" Irwin beamed his best smile at you and every wrinkle in his antique face seemed to twinkle with delight at the thought of company.

"I'd like to hear more about reprogramming my mind, if you don't mind, Sir." hoping you sound interested enough that the dragon will see fit to teach you some of his ways. After all, how often do you get to learn anything from a dragon?

"Well!" grinned the dragon, "A human who WANTS to learn? What century are we in? I must note this on my calendar!"

"Come along now and we'll light a fire and get comfortable." Turning to the wizard, the dragon added "... without help from you, if you don't mind!" to which the wizard replied, "Help with what?"

Aganon walks a few steps to a huge stone fireplace occupying an entire wall in the huge room that you hadn't noticed before, and with one quick breath a roaring fire blazes that not only warms but brightens the room. He reaches a claw through a doorway too small for him to pass through and hooks onto an overstuffed chair for you.

"Sit here by the fire." the kindly dragon said as he gently pushed the chair up for you. "Listen and learn, unlike that fellow over there." The dragon turned to gesture towards Irwin the Wizard, but he had vanished.

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