The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 3

"Where did the wizard go?" you ask, and with a sigh the dragon replied, "Stars only know, but let's hope he'll keep busy getting rid of those feathers for a bit so we can chat."

"Are you really 732 years old?" you ask timidly but with obvious awe in your voice, hoping not to offend the huge creature who had curled up close to the fire next to your chair. "Me? Oh posh! I forget what a short time humans live." reflected the great dragon. "I am a youngster! Dragons live for thousands of years."

"Well if the wizard is a human then how old is he?" you ask, to which the dragon replies, "He was old when we met, and that was in 1250 I think." He looks like his thoughts are far away. "I had been with the lady for about 25 years then."

You gasp and the dragon smiles. "It's a long story and I'll tell you some of it now to save your endless questions. I had forgotten how many questions humans ask." He settled down with his chin cupped in one of his sharp taloned front feet and began to speak. "I met the Lady of the Castle when I was but an egg and she was 5 years old." he began, "She rescued me when a knight had slain my mother."

"A knight killed your mother?" you gasp, and the dragon patiently says "We'll be here all night if you keep that up, young one." So you resign yourself to just listening to this fantastic tale.

"As I was saying," said the dragon watching for any signs that you might be going to interrupt him again, "I was an egg and Solitaire was 5 when we met. She came upon me while playing farther away from the Castle walls than was allowed, but of course in those days the walls were just being built, so there was really nothing much to stop a curious five year old from escaping."

"She didn't know what I was, so she picked up the egg and took me into the Castle by a back door where she asked the cook what she had found." "Of course the cook was very fond of the young lady, so assuming that the egg was either empty or the young one in it dead, she told the child it was a dragon egg. She also told her that if she kept the egg warm it would hatch, but that her father the King wouldn't approve so she should keep the egg somewhere secret."

You start to ask where and then the dragon pierces you with a stony look as he continues, "Because the Castle was still under construction, Solitaire knew where all the secret passages were. The one to her room had been completed and latched with a magickal latch that only she could work. The stone workers in those days were far more talented than those of today, why I ..." and he stopped.

"Please continue," you said softly, "I'm interested." To which statement the dragon scoffed and continued in his deep voice that resonated through the great hall. "Solitaire placed me in her secret passage on a bed of straw and placed a small burner there to keep me warm." "After many days, of which I was unaware, I hatched."

"She was so pleased, and of course I was confused. This creature didn't look at all like me, from what I could see. Dragons are born as intelligent creatures with the capability of reasoning and speech you know ..." he paused, expecting to be interrupted, and when he wasn't, he continued.

"She kept me hidden, well fed, and amused until I grew too big for the passage. They didn't build those with dragons in mind. Then one day when her father was gone from the Castle she took me quickly down the stairs and outside, where I remained close to the Castle and spent each day with her, teaching her all the knowledge I was born with."

"Twenty years passed. Her father and mother died of some cruel disease that didn't affect me. The moment I realized the danger I took the young lady out of the Castle until the disease had run its course and the entirety of the occupants were gone from this world." "Solitaire, of course, was beside herself with grief but there was nothing I could do to bring back what she had lost."

Once more he looked to you for comment, but in your sadness thinking about losing all the people you loved, you said nothing and Aganon continued his tale. "The young one, only 25, which to a dragon is nothing, was now the lady of the Castle. She and I moved in here and cleared out all the remnants of the others, and we've been here ever since."

Looking very pleased with himself for being allowed to finish his story, you ask, "If that was in the 1200s, why is the lady still here?" to which he replied, "Now we can begin our lesson."

"But ..." you start to protest, and the dragon gestured for you to be quiet. "Your first lesson is a simple one. Learn it well." He paused for effect and then said with an authoritative voice, "You do not need to know all the answers to your questions the moment you think of the question." (... another pause in which you bite down on your tongue.)

The dragon smiled and said, "Finding your own answers gives you greater wisdom. Answers are the journey, not the destination."

At that moment the wall next to the fireplace opened up. The wizard walked out of the shadows of a secret passage. He brushed cobwebs from his hat and said, "Oh wonderful! You're still here! Come with me and I'll get you away from the crazy lessons of that eternally boring dragon!" He grabs your hand and whisks you into the passage.

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