The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 4

You and Irwin climb the stairs in the secret passage to an obviously more modern part of the Castle. As you exit the passageway, you see electric lights, a computer on a desk, and a television that had been left on.

"Come in, my friend! This is my room." the wizard said with a sweep of his hand that scattered chicken feathers in an arc on the floor. He didn't seem to notice them. "Can I get you something?"

After witnessing his magickal skills earlier you decide you are probably better off without him trying to conjure up something simple like a cup of coffee and you politely refuse his offer. "Suit yourself." he says and sits down in the only chair in the room.

You stand there politely, hoping he will notice that you have nowhere to sit, but he has begun watching the television in earnest. There is a commercial on and the announcer's voice says "The average person gets three colds a year. When you get yours, take our product."

Irwin begins to look puzzled, like he's trying to remember something important. You ask the old fellow what he's thinking about and he says "I'm trying to remember how many colds I've had this year."

"But why?" you ask, having already dismissed the message of the commercial, to which he responds "Well, I want to be average! Don't you?" In a huff he walks over to a wall and opens a door you didn't see and leaves the room. Alone, you sit down for a moment because all this stair climbing and confusion has begun to wear you down a bit.

You watch the television and think about what Irwin said. "That commercial really had an affect on him." you say to yourself. "Yes it did, didn't it?" came the voice of the dragon from behind yet another wall.

The wall opened and astonished you say out loud "How many passages are in this place?" "Oh many!" the dragon replied, "Just as many as there are passages in your mind." You think to yourself "Here we go again!" with more dragon philosophy, and you wonder if you are up to this conversation.

The dragon entered the room which was, of course, too small for him to be comfortable. Being unwilling to trek up and down more stairs at the moment, you don't offer to go back to the great hall. Ag seems comfortable with that idea and he begins to speak ...

"Lesson 2," he says in that authoritative voice of his, "is active listening at all times." You sigh and sink into the chair to listen. He continues, "If you understand that your brain is a very complex computer much like the one here," he gestures toward the computer in the corner, "then you know that it is always on."

"You cannot completely shut down your mind, so it is susceptible to all sorts of things like that commercial on the television." He moved his tail around in front of him for more room and then continued. "It is like you have left the computer on record. Even when you go to sleep, your brain is recording all that it hears."

Amused you tell him that in this century, humans are used to advertising and they ignore it. "Oh do you really?" he said grinning, "I don't think you do." He then went on to explain about flu season and how people suddenly realize that everyone else in their family is ill, so they should probably be ill too.

"I never do that!" you proclaim loudly, and Aganon just smiled. "You start listening actively and see what you hear," he said knowingly, "and then you come back and tell me I'm wrong."

You are both startled by a sneeze coming from the wall. The wizard appears holding a handkerchief to his nose and saying "I remembered I had only had one cold this year."

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