The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 7

You yawn and stretch your arms, opening your eyes just a tiny bit and then slamming them shut again against the glare of what appears to be a noonday sun outside the Castle. "Oh my!" you think to yourself, "I've slept the entire night in a chair stuffed with magickal chicken feathers." and then you wonder how the wizard is doing.

Wandering out by a door that doesn't seem to appear or disappear on its own, you find the stairs that descend to the main floor of the Castle. As you walk down the stairs you smell two wonderful aromas, one of coffee perking and the other of bacon frying. You set out to try and find the source of these two wonderful smells. You find Irwin and Solitaire in a small kitchen. Irwin is seated at the table happily munching on bacon, eggs, toast, hash browned potatoes, pancakes, and you aren't sure what else was on the stacks of used plates that are next to his current heaping plate of food. "Good morning!" you say cheerfully, "My you look much better today!"

The wizard looks up at you, gestures that his mouth is full, takes a moment while chewing to remove a chunk of food from his tangled beard, and then finally responds with "Never felt better in my life!" and behind him Solitaire smiles while she pours you a steaming hot cup of coffee from an antique pot.

"The Lady's elixer fixed me right up!" Irwin tells you with delight while gesturing for you to sit down across from him. Solitaire puts your coffee down on the sturdy wood plank table and gently pushes the sugar and cream to where you can easily reach them. "Of course it took her 200 years to get just the right formula figured out."

"I've been wanting to ask you about that ..." you say as you turn to the lady who has begun cooking more breakfast dishes, "How is it that you were born in 1220 and this is 2001 and you are still alive?" The lady glances at Irwin as if to say, "Well, go ahead and tell the story," and Irwin nervously brushes off his robes and swigs down the last of his cup of coffee.

"That's my fault." he says looking rather ashamed of himself. "She didn't ask to be made immortal." Then he looks to the ceiling and you follow his gaze and see nothing of interest, and when you look back down the wizard's eyes are positively sparkling and he's wearing an impish grin.

"Actually come to think of it," he continues, "it's not my fault. It's that overgrown iguana's fault she's still here!" and you hear a rustle of skirts behind you as Solitaire turns to look at the wizard. "Now Irwin," she cautions him, "tell the truth." "I am!" he protests, and then scooting his chair back a bit and patting his full tummy, he begins:

"I was trying to learn a wish spell," he says "because that fellow Sir Something-or-other with the sword had gone." He turns to the lady for confirmation and she says "Sir John the Honorable," with a wink to you and you recall last evening's story about John meeting Irwin. "That abominable fellow was always threatening to run me through with the wrong end of his lance!" Irwin mumbled something under his breath that got a "Now, now!" from the lady. "Just because he got a few chicken feathers down his throat when I saved him from becoming permanently part of his armour one night in the great hall ..."

"Anyway, John the Gone was what I began calling him." Solitaire smiled at Irwin softly as if remembering how defensive this fellow had been at the time. "But m'lady was lonely and so I was reading a spell book looking for a way to let her have a nice harmless happy wish."

"As luck would have it," the wizard continued as he buttered another piece of toast and offered you one, "the lizard was hanging about that day and I said to him, 'Aggie old man, would you do me a favor?' and of course endured a 20 minute lecture on the courtesy of using one's preferred name. But I'm wandering off my story here, Sorry!" he said as he filled his mouth with toast and jam.

"Wonderful preserves this year m'lady!" he said around the mouthful, and Solitaire gave him a small curtsy. "Now where was I?" he looked at you. You tell him he was perfecting a wish spell and he says "Oh right!" and continues ...

"I asked Simp if he would mind making a wish so I could cast my spell and see if it worked or not. He had been moping around the keep for days trying to think of a way to cheer up the lady because of John the Gone leaving, and he wished in his most proper dragon posture, 'I want the lady to be happy forever without the companionship of humans who grow old and die in such short time spans, and furthermore (he said rising to his full height) I wish that she would live forever and stay here with us in 3moons Castle.'"

"I cast the spell and low and behold it worked! You see," he said leaning conspiratorially over the table, "when the spell was successful a bell would ring. The bell rung, and of course we knew that Aggie's wish had been granted."

"Is that true?" you ask the lady, turning from the table, and she just smiled softly at the wizard who was now working on yet another plate of foodstuffs. "Yes," she said, "all true, and I've been very happy here ever since."

"I'm the one that learned the lesson that time," she continued, "because I learned that 'Enough is as good as a feast!' and when you have friends who care about you and love you, even if you are mortal and die, they will still care about you long after you are gone." She sighed and said, "That's the same thing as being immortal you know, to be remembered by others for the kindness you've shown them."

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