The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 9

You decide to return to 3moons Castle on Halloween and tell Solitaire about your glorious use of the magick she taught you. Parking your car in the lot you sprint across the ancient draw bridge and your footsteps echo like gunfire in the dry moat below. The main door to the castle is closed.

"What's up with this?" you think to yourself as you start pounding on the huge wooden door. The door opens just a tiny crack and then swings open wide and Irwin stands before you beaming. "I thought you would never return!" he says and grasps you by the arm pulling you quickly along a hallway made of stone.

"Wait a minute!" you cry out and try to wrestle free of the old man's surprisingly strong grasp. "No time!" shouts the wizard and hurries faster. You grab a large stone and pull you both to a stop, the wizard panting and trying to get you moving again, "Why is there 'No time'?" you ask, still clinging fast to the stone.

"Because m'lady is sad and you make her happy!" Irwin says as if you should understand this. While you are trying to think of a suitable response you notice Aganon come into the hallway further down and you call to him to help you. "What's up with this crazy old wizard?" you ask Aganon.

"He's just trying to help, as always." sighs the dragon. "But taking you to m'lady isn't the right thing to do just now." "Why not?" you ask, hoping that you didn't sound as demanding as you felt.

"I'll show you," the great dragon said softly and gestured for the wizard to let go of your arm. "But ..." Irwin protested, and the dragon tapped a wall where the two of you exited the hallway with the wizard scratching his head and staring at the wall as it closed.

Walking along in silence thinking of a million questions, you finally ask "Where are we going?" and Aganon gestures for you to be silent. He taps a wall and it opens a tiny bit. Inside you see the lady Solitaire kneeling before an alter upon which rests a sword. "It is the anniversary." Aganon said and tapped the wall again to close it.

Thinking back to everything you had heard the previous time you were here, you venture a guess. "Oh, the anniversary of Sir John the Honorable's death perhaps?" "Who?" says Aganon and then turning to walk down another hall, reponds simply "No." You have to run to catch up to the dragon and when you do he says "A death yes, but not Sir John."

"Her father then?" you ask, hoping maybe this time he will just tell you. Again greeted by silence and an almost imperceptable sigh, you wait for an answer. "No again." says Aganon, now looking as if he himself might cry. "A brave warrior and hunter called Obi." "But I thought the lady couldn't be sad?" you ask, confused.

"One day each year she is allowed to mourn his passing." "It was a wish I spent 200 years learning magick to grant to her, and that foolish old man cannot rob her of this day." Gesturing for you to go through yet another opening in the castle walls, you find yourself in the great hall where the door is standing open to the outside.

"Go or stay as you wish, but disturb her not on this day." said Aganon in a rather final sounding tone of voice. You glance down at your watch and see the date. October 31st. Aganon notes what you looked at and says "Samhain, the day to honor the dead."

"Each person should be allowed to take time to remember someone who was important in their lives," said Aganon softly "and m'lady has had many who came and went in hers." "But this one fellow Obi, he is the one she mourns."

"Tell me about him?" you ask with as much respect and humility as you can summon into your voice. "Another time," says Aganon, "... another time and I will tell of this warrior hunter that still holds m'lady's heart after many hundreds of years have passed."

You note to yourself not to come back on Samhain again, and at that moment the old wizard appears in front of you with a gleam in his eye and mumbles some magickal words ...

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