The Saga
Castle Window

Chapter 10

In a swirl of light the room around you disappears and then reappears exactly the same only newer looking. "Where are we?" you ask as you shake your head to clear it. "More appropriately, 'When are we?' is what you should ask," the wizard grins.

You look at your clothing which feels very odd, and your watch is gone. "Where's my watch?" you ask. "Watches weren't invented yet," Irwin replied and grasped your arm to pull you out of the way of the group of people walking through the great hall.

"Who are they?" you ask, but Irwin clamps a strong hand over your mouth and all you can say is "mmmghampf" as he pulls you into a dark recess near the fireplace where a roaring fire is lit. You recognize the lady, who looks the same to you as she does now, but note that there is a much younger looking silver dragon following at her heels.

You break free of Irwin's hand and whisper "Is that Aganon?" and he nods yes. "He's just a pup!" you whisper and Irwin puts a finger to his lips and turns your face toward the group of people. You hear his voice in your ear saying "Watch and learn ... "

"What do you mean when you say Witch Hunters?" Solitaire was saying to one of the gallantly dressed men in the group.

"That's what I said," he said patiently to her "Witch Hunters!" and her face paled. "Your silver friend there's kind has been off the earth for a long time but someone saw him flying around the turrets and now the townspeople are gathering to come up here to talk to you."

"Talk?" Solitaire said "Do you think that is all they want from me?" "No," he said sternly, "I don't." With a knuckle in her mouth she rested a hand on Aganon's front foot and then turned to look at her companion of old. "Aganon go to the north keep and stay there until I call you." Aganon glanced over her shoulder at the gentleman and he nodded once in agreement. The dragon silently slipped from the room.

"Obi," she said turning toward the gentleman again, and the rest of what she said you didn't hear because you turned to Irwin and said "This is the guy she mmmghampf ..." again that hand over your mouth and you struggle to get free. "Yes," Irwin hissed "now be still or I'll take you back!"

You turn back around and try to listen to what's being said but the great hall echoed all the words of all the people in it and nothing was intelligible to you. You turn to ask Irwin what's going on and he's not there! "Now what do I do?" you think to yourself and stay hidden as best you can hoping that absent minded old coot isn't going to forget you and leave you back here in the 14th century.

Obi turns and looks directly into your eyes as if to say "I know you are there, but stay put and you'll be safe." It was like a voice in your head and the words were clear. Shaking your head again to clear it doesn't seem to help so you crouch back as far as possible and lean against the wall and keep silent.

A huge sound like guns going off or the worst hangover of your life signals the arrival of the townspeople. Apparently the sound was them trying to beat down the door. Obi turned and made a gesture toward the door and it swung in causing the townspeople to fall inside in a humorous heap. Trying not to laugh you keep trying to listen to what's being said but the echoing is terrible.

There is gesturing and posturing and Solitaire is standing behind Obi while he talks to what appears to be the leader of this unhappy group. You see the leader lean out around Obi, point at Solitaire and shout "Witch!" and the group moved forward. Still talking calmly, Obi and Solitaire begin to back up.

When they reached the fireplace there was no where left to back up any further, the crowd was gaining momentum and anger and that's when you notice Irwin standing on the ledge just above the two humans in peril. He is holding something which almost glows and you think to yourself "Good, he's got something magick with which to help them." But remembering the ineptness of this wizard you cross your fingers and pray.

When the crowd was nearly on them, Irwin dropped the object and said "Ghost!" in a nearly inaudible whisper. Obi looked up, caught the object which was now obviously a sword and took a defensive stance protecting the lady behind him. The crowd moved back a bit and one or two of them drew swords.

Then you doubt your eyes and rub them because the gentleman Obi has been transformed into a Japanese warrior who is standing there every bit as fierce as any Samurai in any movie you have ever seen. "This can't be happening!" you say to yourself and rub your eyes again, and again the image changed to a knight in armour but the same sword was still raised in his hand.

The townspeople shreiked and fled, tripping over each other in their urgency to reach the door. When the commotion stopped you look over and see the lady and the gentlemen standing facing each other with their hands clasped together. Obi turned his gaze upward to the kindly old wizard and said "Thanks!" tossing him the sword with one hand.

Your eyes followed the sword and Irwin caught it with a salute to the man below him. Irwin immediately disappeared and you look back down and see the lady sitting there by the fire, alone. Boldly you walk out of your hiding place and join her. She is not startled to see you and as you glance down at her you realize you are wearing your own clothes again and your watch is back.

You glance at your watch. It is one minute past midnight. Solitaire looks up at you with tears running down her cheeks and takes hold of your hand. "Where did he go?" you ask softly. "He wasn't here," she says with a sniff. You hand her a hanky. "Thank you," she says as she accepts the hanky and dries her face.

"I don't understand," you say glancing around at the now old and being renovated castle. "Neither do I," she says, "But whenever I've needed that man, he has been here." "In every century there has been something happen and in every century he comes back to me."

"Once a year I am allowed to remember him and each year it is a different time but always here in the great hall. He is, or was, my guardian and the rest of the time his spirit is inside Aganon." "He cannot go on without me and I cannot follow, so here he stays."

At that moment Aganon rounded a corner and entered the room. His familiar voice said "Never feel as if you are alone or abandoned by those who have left you, because their love stays on." The great dragon came over and curled at the feet of the lady and she lovingly stroked the top of his head. "I know Ag, I know. Thank you again for a chance to see my one love's face and hear his voice, for the chance to touch his hand."

"It is only a memory," Aganon said softly. "But a fond one," she replied leaning back and closing her eyes. You slip silently out the door careful to shut it behind you.

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