Castle Window

3moons Castle

The towers of Three Moons Castle contain the original writings of the Lady of the Castle.  Her work may not be reproduced without her written permission.

Photos used for the navigation in The Saga and Effective Writing came from stock.xchng.

The photo used in The Saga was taken by Alexander Abolinsh of Silakurmi, Madona, Latvia, and is of the Infinite Gates of Hochosterwitz in Austria, Carinthia.  First recorded in 860 Burg Hochosterwitz current state was built in the years 1570 to 1586.  A fairy-tale castle perched on top of a hill, and reputed to be the inspiration behind Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.

The photo used in the Effective Writing tutorial was taken by Geoffrey A Stemp of Oldham, Lancashire, United Kingdom and is of the Bon-Repos Abbaye Ruinee by the canal de Nantes Brest near Gouarec in Foret de Quencan, France.

Backgrounds for the Dungeon maze were created with Paint Shop Pro version 7.0.  The maze was created with MazeMaker 1.0.