Castle Window

3moons Castle

Unsolicited email sent to this website is sent with your implied permission to quote same in its entirety.  This website does not contain a guest book, nor do we gather any information from the site's visitors other than as statistical information.  We do not, and will not, sell or give email addresses to known companies which solicit or market via email.

The Castle occupants cannot be contacted on the following holidays:

October 31st - Samhain - a.k.a. All Hallows Eve
December 21st - Yule - a.k.a. Winter Solstice
February 2nd - Imbolc - a.k.a. Feast of Torches
March 21st - Ostara - a.k.a. Spring Equinox
May 1st - Beltane - a.k.a. May Day
June 21st - Litha - a.k.a. Summer Solstice
August 1st - Lammas - a.k.a. August Eve
September 21st - Mabon - a.k.a. Autumn Equinox