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Now there's the question of the century: "What do I write about?"

I've just finished telling you not to use anything other than your own words, so there you are sitting at a keyboard with a blank screen in front of you and you have just developed this really bad case of writer's block?  Been there!

Write What You Know

Write about what you know that you can share with others.  Pick a topic that excites you or infuriates you, something that raises a passion in you.

Don't tell me for one moment that you don't have some topic you consider yourself an expert in.  Everyone knows something.  When a friend asks you a question, make note of what was asked.  That friend considers you to be knowledgeable about that topic.  If more than one person asks you a question on that same topic, then consider yourself an expert. *grin!*

How to get started

Whenever I encounter writer's block (*sound of scream in the distance followed by spooky music*) I sit down and write a letter to a friend I haven't seen in a while.  I tell them all about what I've been up to since we last saw each other.

Pick someone you know and write TO them.  Then go back and edit the work to be to anyone, not just the friend you wrote to.

Write like you speak!

Don't try to adopt some formal style of writing that doesn't sound like you.  Write just like you would say the words if you were speaking them out loud.  We can all speak and not worry about which words we use before opening our mouths, right?  (Putting our foot in our mouth occasionally, sure, but that doesn't stop people from speaking.)

Try this if you really have problems staring at that blank screen in front of you.

Find or buy a cheap tape recorder and talk to it.  Don't think about how it will look in print, just talk.  When you have covered your topic, turn it off and then replay it and listen to what you said.

I've actually sat and taken dictation from myself because what I said on the tape was far better than anything I could write.  Just sit back and talk to your oldest and dearest friend and your content will be no problem at all!

Another method is to tape your phone conversations with someone when you are explaining something to them.  Their interactive questions will help you figure out the order in which you need to present something.  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  We'll get to that in a bit.

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