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This tower of 3moons Castle is a tutorial which teaches effective writing techniques for publication on the Internet.  It is not meant to be a guide to writing in general, although some of the same techniques presented here do apply to other forms of writing.

The sections of this tutorial are designed to be read in order with each section building on the previous sections.  Skipping around is not advised, as you will be a bit lost when I refer to previous examples used.

Why should you take my advice?

In real life (as if the net were something other than real life) I am a ghost writer.  I have been employed in that capacity for over 20 years.  I write or assist in the writing of extensive reports which are used by both companies and individuals to make multi-million dollar real estate decisions.

My writing must be well researched and presented in a clear and concise manner for busy executives who do not want to read flowery prose or be influenced by my opinions.  I must take my reader by the hand and lead them to a logical conclusion based on the facts presented, without influencing their decision.  That is no easy task, I assure you.

This tutorial is a departure for me because I am trying to persuade you to change your thinking, but at the same time, I will keep to the "facts" and not waste your time.

This tutorial and this website are copyrighted.  Do not quote any portion of this work without the written permission of the author.

Let's Begin ...

You wander into a remote part of 3moons Castle and discover a room with a light on.  You peek into the room and see a lady sitting at a writing desk with what appears to be a dragon asleep at her feet.  You tiptoe into the room to warm your hands by the fire.

The lady looks up, mumbles odd sounding words, and two comfortable chairs appear in front of the fire.  Her long skirts rustle as she moves to take a seat in one of the chairs and beckons for you to join her.  After you are seated, she hands you some freshly written parchment pages.  Being careful not to smudge the ink, you begin to read ...

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