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The best writing in the world is not going to attract very many readers if they have to fight to read it.  Sites about website design go into this in far more detail, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that you need to consider what the readability factor is for your presentation.


Use sans-serif fonts for webpages and serif fonts for printed material.  An example of a sans-serf font is Arial and an example of a serif font is Times New Roman.  Serif fonts have more detail to them.  Newspapers and text books generally use a serif font.

Sans-Serif fonts look better on computer screens because they are simpler.  They look "cleaner" on a browser.  This page uses Verdana, which is a sans-serif font.

Color Choices

Be sure you use a contrasting color for your font; one that makes it easy to read against the background.  Be sure that your background doesn't have graphics that make the text difficult to read.


Save me from sites with all centered text!  Get serious folks, you cannot expect me to read any quantity of text when it's all centered, can you?  Would you purchase a book that was published with all centered text?

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Capitalization

If you are illiterate and cannot be bothered to do anything about it, I highly doubt that much of anything you have to say would be of interest to the average viewer.  You wouldn't buy a book that has errors in it, why would you expect anyone to read a webpage that does?


If your page is one long giant paragraph, I'm personally not the least bit interested in reading what you wrote.  Break up the text into bite-sized pieces and give me some sub-headings so I can keep my place when I get interrupted or find a particular point again that I want to show to someone else.

White Space

Books do not have text that extends from the left edge of the page to the right edge of the page, so why should your website?  This page uses a 30 pixel margin on either side of the text.  Is it easy to read?

Bookmark Worthy

If you want your site to be worthy of a bookmark, make it as easy to read as a book.

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